You Develop New Chemical Technologies

You are working in a knowledge institute like DIFFER, Fraunhofer, Dortmund University, TNO, BODEC, Imperial College, Newcastle University or another such body looking for newer and greener chemical technologies.

Whether your employer is supported with public or private money is of no real importance.

What is of importance is your ambition and your skill in mastering new ground, finding new ways of selectively producing the right molecules. And you may be wondering how your small scale process looks on full scale. Full scale could be 50 ton/year; it could be 5.000 ton/year; it could also be 500.000 ton/year.

What sort of investment levels would be needed? Which technologies would be needed?

But also: what do I have to do now in my development work in order to make the full scale plant fly economically and technically?


Imagine yourself knowing this today already:

a Process Flow Diagram of the full scale plant

a Cost Estimate

a Business Case


How motivating is it to know you are working on a sustainable process that is going to be profitable at the end of the day! That is convincing power.


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“Show me your test tube and I tell you how your future plant looks”

I will also tell you how much it is going to cost and if it is going to make a net profit.


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