You want to Innovate Your Existing Process

You are a technologist working on a chemical / food / pharma plant.

Your drive is to improve the daily operation of your plant:

  • Capacity
  • Product quality
  • Manufacturing cost
  • Feedstock to product selectivity – byproduct formation
  • Specific energy consumption

There may be numerous improvement targets to work on. Your question may be how intensifying your process can help you in achieving your targets. And – if it can – how do you create focus if you can choose from 90+ different Intensified Process Technologies?

Contact me. Together we can discuss this. I can help you in finding a workable route. The outcome may be a compact PI Manual, an advice to use AIM, a Quick Scan of your process, etc.etc. Whatever it is, the outcome is always tailored towards your needs.


AIM Session Team Lubrizol Cleveland Ohio USA

AIM Session Team Lubrizol Farmsum NL