Strategy Reports about Intensification


In my view two types of reports are relevant for you readers:

  • Well written detailed reports about technologies, which offer you the opportunity to decide whether a technology is interesting for your company
  • High level reports that clearly express a direction in which technology development should go; this category has to be fact based

Below you find a couple of Reports of category 2: High level fact based


Strategy Reports

Technology Outlook – Traxxys Report 2011 008 2 20-7-11

Routekaart Chemie

ING – Holland’s going to make it – May 2011


Bijlage_Routekaart Chemie

Appendix_2 European Roadmap PI

Appendix_1 European roadmap PI

AIM Session Team Lubrizol Cleveland Ohio USA

AIM Session Team Lubrizol Farmsum NL