Presentations about Intensification

  1. Hydrodynamics_of_Vortex_Reactors_for  Chemical Industry; G. Heynderickx; Ghent University
  2. Process_Intensification_Research_and_Development; H. van den Berg; Twente University
  3. Intensify_naphta_cracking_furnaces by applying innovative coils; H.H. Wolters, ECM Technologies
  4. Welcome_at_the Autumn_Session 19-10-2016; H.N.Akse; PIN-NL
  5. Kenniscentrum_Duurzame_Havenstad; M. van Lieshout; Hogeschool Rotterdam
  6. Continuous Flow Reactions_Johannes_Schakel; Flowlink
  7. Design of an_industrial_process_for_the_production_of_aniline_by_direct_amination_R_Driessen_Utwente
  8. Design of_hybrid_separation_processes_M._Skirobowski_University_Dortmund
  9. Designing_Industrial_Chromatographic_Processes_F. Boon_TNO
  10. Process_Intensification_Research and_Development_Henk_van_den_Berg 23-4-17_PIN-NL
  11. Simultaneous_Liquid A_Liquid_B_Solids_separation_Alexander_Kraus_GEA
  12. Wikisheets_Henk_van_den_Berg_23-4-17 PIN-NL
  13. Ultrasonic intensification of chemical processes;  T. van Gerven; Leuven University
  14. Process Intensification in Pilot Plants; H. Bottenberg; Zeton
  15. Intensification and scale up of Intensification and scale up of continuous algae synthesis reactors; R. Wijffels; University Wageningen
  16. Active Enhancement in Industrial Industrial Heat Exchangers; J.P. Solano;  Cartagena University
  17. Resin screening for solvent impregnated resins in industrial wastewater treatment applications ; J. Bokhove, B.Schuur, A. de Haan
  18. Novel Developments in Process Intensification; A.I. Stankiewicz; Delft University
  19. Spinning Disc Reactors A Review on Performance and Applications; J. van der Schaaf; Eindhoven University
  20. CO2 splitting with plasma on a power efficient and scalable way;  W.Bongers; DIFFER
  21. An update on dividing wall column technology; E. Kenig; University of Paderborn 
  22. Production of pure enantiomers at high yields; S. Nimmig;Erlangen Nurnberg University
  23. Reverse Process Synthesis for PI; H.Keuken; PDC
  24. Chemical processes and separation technology on a microscale; M. Olde Riekerink; Micronit
  25. Intensifying CO2 removal using sorption-enhanced reactions; P. Cobden; ECN
  26. Process Intensification in Small Scale Pharmaceutical Production; A. Mitic; DTU Denmark
  27. Flow Chemistry & Carbon reactor Equipment; G. van der Zanden; Chemtrix
  28. TNO Hydraulic Wash Column (TNO-HWC®); J. Ijzermans; TNO
  29. Process Intensification In Real Life; J. Felix; Sulzer Chemtech
  30. Multiple Spinning Disc Contactor; J. van der Schaaf; J. Schouten; Eindhoven University
  31. Design of Catalytic Membrane Reactor for Oxidative Coupling of Methane; F. Galucci; Eindhoven University
  32. PI Technology Update on Microreactors; V. Hessel; Eindhoven University
  33. Spinning Disc Reactor: Basic Principles and Applications; K. Boodhoo; Newcastle University
  34. Continuous crystallisation is right here and right now; .X. Ni; Nitech
  35. Dividing Wall Columns: which wall separates Dutch Industry form appication?; H. SChoenmakers BASF
  36. MIP’s; A. Rees; MIP Technologies
  37. Reactive stripping in a rotating packed bed for the production of hypochlorous acid; H. van den Berg; DOW
  38. Rotor-stator devices; S. Hall; University of Birmingham
  39. Novel Developments in Process Intensification; A.I. Stankiewicz; Delft University
  40. P. I. in the UK: PIN, PIG and OBRs; A. Harvey; Newcastle University
  41. Newcastle University Autumn Session PINNL 2011
  42. Process Intensification of Hydrogen Plants and Naphtha Crackers; K.Overwater; Technip
  43. Inclined rotating fixed bed reactors as a new reactor concept for process intensification ; H.U. Harting; Helmholz Zentrum Dresden
  44. Compact heat exchangers from offshore to onshore: from heat exchangers to reactors; R. le Pierres; Heatric Meggitt
  45. From ambition to realisation Holland’s going to make it; ING
  46. Flowid Process engineering beyond the standard; J. van den Berg; Flowid
  47. Development of a Systematic Synthesis and Design Methodology to Achieve Process Intensification in (Bio)Chemical Processes; P. Lutze DTU Denmark
  48. Design and intensification of industrial DADPM process; A. Benneker; Twente University
  49. CORNING® ADVANCED-FLOW™ REACTORS for Intensifying Two-Phase Processes; D. Lavric; DOW Corning
  50. PIN NL potential lectures; H. van den Berg; Twetne University
  51. From_Waste_yo_Acid_/_Asset_; P. Knops, Innovation Concepts
  52. Process Intensification within Technoforce;R.N. Patil; Technoforce
  53. Process Intensification Climbing the S-curve; Y. van Delft; ECN
  54. Bioprocess Intensification using Plastic Microcapillary Films; N.M. Reis; Cambridge University
  55. High Viscosity Technology Comprising Thin Film Processing – Thin Film Processors; Buss
  56. Microreactor systems; G. van der Zanden; Chemtrix
  57. Process Intensification Using Self-Cleaning Fluidized Bed Heat Exchangers ; D.Klaren, Intensified self cleaning heat exchangers
  58. Process Intensification with Microwaves: Status, Opportunities, Challenges; A.I. Stankiewicz,  Delft University
  59. Intensificationof the DADPM process; Industrial application of a CAPEC PI method; A. Benneker, Twente University
  60. Agitated Cell and Tube Reactors; R. Ashe; AM Technology
  61. Multi-step chemical processes in a modular reactor; B. Johnson, Alfa Laval


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