Presentations about Intensification


Below you find a multitude of intensification presentations. They have been given by both equipment manufacturers, institutes and academia. They cover a time span from 2010 – present. Click on the title and the presentation starts to download.




Spring_Session_2017_Simultaneous_Liquid A_Liquid_B_Solids_separation_Alexander_Kraus_GEA

Spring_Session_2017_Process_Intensification_Research and_Development_Henk_van_den_Berg_PIN-NL



Spring_Session_2017_Design of_hybrid_separation_processes_Mirko_Skirobowski_University_Dortmund

Spring_Session_2017_Design of an_industrial_process_for_the_production_of_aniline_by_direct_amination_R_Driessen_Utwente

Spring_Session_2017_Continuous Flow Reactions_Johannes_Schakel_Flowlink


Autumn_Session_2016_H.N.Akse_Welcome_at_the Autumn_Session_2016


Autumn_Session_2016_H._ van_den_Berg_Process_Intensification_Research_and_Development


Active enhancement in industriel heat exchangers – J. Solano

Zeton Autumn Session PINNL 2012

Wageningen University Autumn Session PINNL 2011

UP Cartagena Spring Session PINNL 2011

TUE PINNL Autunm Session 2012

TU Delft Spring Session PINNL 2011

Traxxys PINNL Autumn Session PINNL 2012

Tom van Gerven Ultrasonic Intensification of Chemical Processes

Tentative program PIN-NL Autumn Session 19-10-16

Systematic synthesis and design methodology to achieve PI in biochemical processes – P. Lutze

Spinning disc Spie Spinid 2013-01

Separation and Process Intensification Agenda 2014 04 09 version 4.0 26-3-14

Routekaart Chemie contribution H. van den Berg 10-4-13

Presentation John van der Schaaf PINNL 20130410

Presentatie Traxxys 2012 021 1 version 5.0 9-4-13

PINNL Waldo Bongers web

PINNL NLGUTS 9-4-14 presentation Universitat Paderborn Germany

PINNL NLGUTS 9-4-14 presentation Universitat Erlangen – Nurnberg Germany

PINNL NLGUTS 9-4-14 presentation PDC NL

PINNL NLGUTS 9-4-14 presentation Micronit NL

PINNL NLGUTS 9-4-14 presentation ECN NL

PINNL NLGUTS 9-4-14 presentation DTU Denmark

PINNL NLGUTS 9-4-14 presentation Chemtrix NL

PINNL NLGUTS 9-4-14 presentation Chairman PINNL NL

PIN-NL autumn session 2010 TNO presentatie

PINNL Autumn Session 2010 Sulzer

PIN NL Spinning Disc 17-6-10

PIN NL Rotor Stator Devices Spring Session 2012

PIN NL Rotating Packed Beds DOW 17-6-10

PIN NL MIP Technologies 17-6-10

PIN NL Ionic Liquids TUD 17-6-10

PIN NL Introduction – Program 17-6-10

PIN NL Dividing Wall Columns BASF 17-6-10

PIN NL Autumn Session 2010 Nitech

PIN NL Autumn Session 2010 Newcastle University

PI Technology update on microreactors Spring Session PINNL 2013

Oxidative Coupling of Methane Spring Session PINNL 2013

Novel Developments in Process Intensification – A. Stankiewicz

Newcastle University Autumn Session PINNL 2012

Newcastle University Autumn Session PINNL 2011

Koos Overwater Intro Traxxys version 1.0 12-11-13

Innovatie en Financiering PINNL 19-4-12

ING – My Industry 2030 Nederland gaat het maken – mei 2011

ING – Holland’s going to make it – May 2011

IFP Autumn Session PINNL 2011

Heatric Autumn Session PINNL 2012

Hans Ulrich Harting

From Back-End to Front-End Processing ECCE-9 23-4-13

Flyer symposium Energy & Resources 2-3-07

Flowid Autumn Session PINNL 2011

DTU Denmark Spring Session PINNL 2011

Design and intensification of industrial DADPM process

Daniela Lavric Advanced Flow Reactors 

Chemtrix Autumn Session PINNL 2012

Chemie zet in op groene Energie en Grondstoffen

Cambridge Spring Session PINNL 2011

Buss Autumn Session PINNL 2012

Bioprocess Intensification using Plastic Microcapillary Films – N.Reis

Autumn Session PIN-NL H.N. Akse; developments in the network

Autumn Session PIN-NL 2014 Y. van Delft ECN Climbing the S curve

Autumn Session PIN-NL 2014 R.N. Patil Technoforce; PI developments in the company

Autumn Session PIN-NL 2014 P. Knops, Innovation Concepts, Pitch on CO2 Binding

Autumn Session PIN-NL 2014 H. van den Berg, pitch CHISA, PIN-NL

Autumn Session PIN-NL 2014 D.Klaren, Intensified self cleaning heat exchangers

Autumn Session PIN-NL 2014 A.I. Stankiewicz, TUD, Overview of PI in Delft

Autumn Session PIN-NL 2014 A. Benneker, UT, Intensification of the DADPM process

AM Technology Spring Session PINNL 2011

Alfa Laval Autumn Session PIN NL 2011

Agitated Cell Reactors – R. Ashe





AIM Session Team Lubrizol Cleveland Ohio USA

AIM Session Team Lubrizol Farmsum NL