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Being responsible for existing production facilities in a quickly changing business environment brings along new challenges for managers in the process industries. You focus on consolidating or improving margins along various routes like operating cost reduction, product quality improvement or product diversification to enable penetration of new markets. Your company knows the operational risks inherent to chemical processes and manages production safety effectively.

Looking ahead you are convinced your assets need to be modernized to keep pace with new production capacity in your branch built elsewhere in the world. In your view, enhanced sustainability, lower operating cost and higher feedstock to product selectivity are key elements.

 Your need

Your question is how to innovate your process whilst managing the associated risk.



Traxxys has developed AIM©.*

The purpose of AIM is to enable you to innovate your own process in a risk controlled way.

This method is unique since it mobilizes the innovative forces inside your company. A team selected by you is set to work on a process innovation issue and is coached by Traxxys along the way. Off course, Traxxys has the latest intensified technologies available, but these are only brought forward when you see a need.

The method builds on the vast process knowledge within your company and triggers team members to come up with innovative ideas themselves – instead of being confronted by external reports written outside the fence of your plant. The structure of the method inherently safeguards the management of risk and at the same time stimulates your people to think laterally, coming up with useful process alternatives.

* Acronym for αυτο (Self) Innovation Method, more conveniently expressed as AIM


History of AIM

AIM originally builds on the BluePRINT method of DSM which was developed and applied within the DSM Company between 2000 – 2007. By 2007 it was licensed to Traxxys and subsequently applied outside DSM on 41 different chemical processes in the Netherlands in the period 2007 – 2012. In 2012 – 2014 Traxxys further improved both the effectiveness and the structure of the method in close cooperation with AkzoNobel, rebranding the BluePRINT tool into AIM along the way.

AIM has been piloted and subsequently deployed on seven existing bulk chemical processes of AkzoNobel in the Netherlands and in Belgium. In 2016 two more deployments followed at chemical plants of Lubrizol: in Delfzijl, NL and in Brecksville Ohio, USA. At this moment, a multinational fine chemicals producer headquartered in the Netherlands is planning for two deployments in 2018.

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