AIM: the Self Innovation Method






AIM builds on an Innovation Methodology initially developed by DSM in the period 2000–2007. In 2007 it was licensed to Traxxys and applied in 42 Process Intensification Quick Scans in the food, chemical and pharma sectors.

Based on a large number of experiences and feedback Traxxys further developed the method into AIM in close cooperation with AkzoNobel Industrial & Specialty Chemicals in 2013-2014.



The purpose of AIM is to enable you to innovate your own process

To manage your expectations at this stage:

  • The power and the beauty of AIM lie in translating your existing process into the underlying Driving Forces
  • Please do not expect a miraculous outcome of the example given in the Infographic: it is purely meant to show you the structured sequence of steps
  • The Infographic is meant to start a live discussion about your innovation / process improvement objectives. It gives you the flavour; not the whole story


This method is unique since it mobilizes the innovative forces inside your company. A team selected by you is set to work on a process innovation issue and is coached by Traxxys along the way. Off course, Traxxys has the latest intensified technologies available, but these are only brought forward when you see a need.

The method builds on the vast feedstock and process knowledge within your company and triggers team members to come up with innovative ideas. Since you participate in team sessions you and your people have direct control over the innovation process.



AkzoNobel and Traxxys co-developed AIM

AkzoNobel has chosen the method worldwide as Process Innovation Tool for their Specialty Business; to date they applied it on four different processes in the Netherlands and abroad

AIM has been officially introduced to the market by AkzoNobel and Traxxys at the European Congress of Chemical Engineering in Nice on October 1st 2015

Traxxys is marketing and executing AIM outside AkzoNobel

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